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Dirt, Rock, Soil Removal Seattle

Action Junk Removal loads, hauls, and disposes of all soil and dirt. We have residential customers and work with businesses as well.

construction gravel, rocks, stone pile

We Take:

  • Demolition materials
  • Framing
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Broken Concrete
  • Insulation
  • Mixed Materials
  • Copper Pipes
  • PVC
  • Mobile Home Demolition Debris
  • Renovation and remodeling debris
  • Bathroom & Kitchen Tear-out

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Residential Dirt, Rock, Soil Removal Service

People hire us because we

  • Show up quickly
  • Load up the dirt and soil faster than expected
  • Haul it away 
  • Dispose of it responsibly

Dirt, rock, and soil are heavy. For the general public, even if you have a pickup, you’ll likely need a larger truck. Dirt and soil removal can be hard on your body. Hauling the dirt can be hard on your truck suspension and truck bed. Factor in the likelihood that you will need multiple trips and that multiplies the hardship on you and your vehicle. Even if you rent a truck to haul the dirt away yourself, you still have to load and unload it.

pile of dirt in front of house

Commercial Dirt, Rock, Soil Removal Service

Contractors and businesses with dirt, rock, and soil debris use us because 

  • We arrive quickly
  • Load the dirt fast
  • Haul it away for them
  • All in one hualing 

We haul all other debris and junk our business clients have. That means that they get ALL the junk off site at the same time. We allow you to focus on the work while we clean up the mess.

Landscape Rock & Boulder Removal Service

Removal of rock and soil is a labor intensive job, especially if you have a lot of landscaping to do. We can clean the mess while you make progress.

We also load and haul away boulders. Boulders must already be removed from the ground, and loose.

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