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Appliance Removal Service

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If the time comes for you to get rid of clutter in your basement or yard, we have the solution for you. At Action Junk Hauling, we save you time and energy by sending professionals to do the hauling for you. We’ll take your unwanted appliances and donate or recycle them properly.

Choose the Eco-Friendly Seattle Appliance Removal Company

Action Junk Hauling is your top appliance hauling solution if you value eco-friendly companies exercising green practices. Our mission is to protect our environment and ensure as little waste ends up in landfills as possible. We first donate reusable items to those who need them most. Then, we recycle the other appliances and parts that aren’t reusable with our partnered recycling facilities.

Appliances We Remove and Recycle

Action Junk Hauling can get rid of your old, unused appliances and remove clutter from your house. We make appliance recycling simple, hassle-free, and affordable. Our team of debris removal specialists and excellent hauling services enable us to handle the heavy stuff. We’ll safely remove, pack, and haul your appliances while guaranteeing responsible disposal and recycling.

  • Washer
  • Dryers
  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Ovens/Stoves
  • Water heaters
  • Air conditioners
  • Dishwashers
  • Microwaves

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The Importance of Proper Appliance Disposal

Major appliances, like refrigerators and freezers, contain hazardous materials requiring proper disposal. We recycle appliances following environmentally friendly practices to ensure toxic refrigerants and other raw materials stay out of landfills. This process is completed at recycling facilities, where they remove the hazardous refrigerant from the system and then process it through detoxification equipment. This detoxification and recycling process ensures that toxic substances stay out of our soil and waterways. 

We Guarantee Responsible Seattle Appliance Recycling

When considering appliance recycling, remember that removing appliances isn’t as simple as taking them to the dump. Large appliances can be awkward and heavy, and most appliances require some form of disassembly before disposal. While an old appliance may no longer be useful to you, it can still help others in need. In addition, properly disposing of appliances requires them to be brought to the correct recycling facility for responsible processing. This recycling process is critical, and if it’s not handled correctly, it can lead to unnecessary pollution.

First, We Donate

We make sure to donate all functional appliances to local charities and organizations such as Habitat For Humanity, the Salvation Army, local ReStore, or other locations. When working with Action Junk Hauling, you can rest assured that your old appliances will end up at the best donation site.

Then, We Recycle

We strive for as little waste as possible. After we have donated any functioning appliances, we then take any recyclable parts and non-working appliances to the correct facilities. We do this to ensure the disposal of your junk and appliances contributes to a clean environment rather than causing further damage.  

Choose Seattle’s Top Appliance and Junk Removal Professionals

There is no reason any of your old appliances should end up in landfills. Choose junk appliance removal professionals you trust to get the job done correctly. Action Junk Hauling provides the best junk and appliance removal services in the Seattle area. Call us today to receive a free estimate.

Areas We Serve

We have multiple trucks with local drivers around the Greater Seattle area serving customers up and down the I-5 corridor, from Marysville to Tacoma, including the Kirkland area. 

Additional Junk Removal Services

If you have junk of any sort cluttering your home and collecting dust, trust Action Junk Hauling to help you save money while providing fast, reliable, and efficient services. Aside from older appliances, we offer removal services for all varieties of junk items. Contact the best junk removal company to receive a quote and book an appointment today.

Appliance Removal and Recycling FAQs

What does it cost for appliance removal? 

Unlike other companies that charge high rates based on weight, we charge based on the size of the haul. Rates begin at a minimum of $130 per load and increase depending on the load size. Contact us today for a same-day estimate.

How many appliances fit per load?

The number of appliances we’ll be able to take in a single load depends on their size but most large appliances like stoves, washing machines, and hot water heaters are considered a quarter load. For a more accurate quote, feel free to contact us to discuss your exact appliance removal needs.

Do you service construction businesses?

At Action Junk Hauling, we help construction companies and home flippers by quickly, efficiently, and safely removing old appliances, dead equipment, construction debris, and other materials.