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List of Dumps in Washington State

List of 80+ Public Dumps in Washington State

Recycling Guide

Glass Recycling

Can all glass be recycled? How about dirty or broken glass? Get answers to frequently asked glass recycling questions, find out why reycling glass is so important, and what happens to the containers after you're done with them.

Recycling Guide

Appliance Recycling

How do you get rid of old appliances? Can you leave them in the dumpster? The rules vary depending on the appliance. Learn how to properly get rid of refrigerators, microwaves, ovens, washing machines, toasters, and more.

Recycling Guide

Plastic Recycling

Which plastics are recyclable? Can you recycle caps and lids? What happens to plastic that gets thrown out? Find answers to popular questions people ask about recycling plastic.

Recycling Guide

Construction Debris

Can you recycle old carpet? Where do you take old brick and concrete? Is it worth hiring a company to throw out demolished construction materials? Get answers and decide for yourself

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