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Does the site of trash irritate you? Do you want to regain your space from trash? Does the junk you have been hoarding give you a dirty look? Perhaps years of junk piles can easily become an eyesore. You need a professional junk removal service to help you get rid of the clutter before someone stumbles over the trash accidently and injures themselves. Whether you are looking for a residential or commercial junk removal company in Kent, we can help. At Action Junk Hauling, we are happy to assist with your junk removal needs, whether you need a single thing removal or hauling away of bulky pieces of furniture or equipment.

All-Inclusive Junk Removal Services

If you have piled up junk at home, you are spoiling the visual appeal of your property and your peace of mind. Do you wish to continue in this state or want to free yourself of the clutter to regain your peace of mind? Well, you deserve better. So we can help you reduce the clutter that does not fit in your curbside container. Throwing off junk in landfills is not an eco-friendly option. You cannot take the risk of ruining the environment by exposing it to harsh chemicals from old refrigerators, bulky electronic appliances, or sharp concrete waste. You should rather go the environmentally friendly way of waste disposal by connecting with Kent junk removal experts. 

Action Junk Hauling is a pro in:

We are happy to haul away most odd things. Whether you need our services for hauling away boats, hot tubs, saunas, trailers, or sheds, we have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to do so.


Prefer to Dump It Yourself?

If you have just a few small items and prefer to DIY, check out our helpful guide to your local dump. Find out which location you need to visit depending on the type of junk you have. We’ll also explain the rules, requirements, and dump fees you need you know before you visit.

Connect with our junk removal company in Kent to explain:

  • What exactly are you looking to get rid of?
  • Are you looking for an estate cleanout?
  • When do you plan to get it done?
  • Is the item heavy or light? From where do you want us to haul it away?

It is always best to clarify things at the outset, so we can come to the site with proper equipment to haul away junk. We are quick to offer a no-obligation, accurate quote. You are free to accept or reject it.

Our junk hauling company in Kent uses box trucks that are highly flexible to accommodate all types of junk removal needs. Leverage our arsenal of equipment to make the junk removal process go smoother.

Where do we take the junk?

Are you wondering what we do with the trash that we haul away from your property? Well, our prime purpose to remove waste is to:

  • Clear the clutter for clients so you can relax with peace of mind
  • Take anything that you want removed to the recycling plants
  • Take the completely waste items to landfills that are cannot be recycled and are rejected by recycling facilities
  • Reduce the burden on the environment by recycling 80% of the junk
  • Offer complete junk removal services to the utmost satisfaction of clients
  • Keep prices competitive so they are affordable for clients
  • Send strong, reliable, and professional teams to client’s property to get the job done
  • Respect client’s time and keep to the schedule
  • Donate an item that still has life left so someone can benefit from it

Get ultimate peace of mind when the team at Action Junk Hauling clears away the clutter, giving your property a clean look. However, do not try to lift heavy junk on your own. You could end up injuring your back or legs or even causing damage to the property.

By choosing uniformed, professional junk haulers, you are rest assured that you have experts to take care of everything junk. We will come prepared with the needed equipment, trucks, gloves, dollies, and back braces so that all the heavy lifting is done effortlessly for you. We are equipped with the best tools for any tear down of bulky furniture. With us, you can select trailer for your hauling needs.

​​We act quickly so that you receive quick and efficient service. When we are behind your junk removal project, you do not have to lift a finger, our experience helps.

Experts at Hot Tub Removal

Now that nobody is keen to use that hot tub, there is no use in keeping it. It is quite expensive to maintain. Or your old operating hot tub might have lived its age so you want it removed. Call the Action Junk Hauling experts. We have ample amount of experience in breaking apart a Jacuzzi for easier hauling and disposal. We pay special attention to the chemicals used in a hot tub. The bulky tub is dismantled and then sent to recycling facilities.

The Best Property Cleanout Team

Do you have a property clean out job? Let us take care of it. From cleaning up clutter to hoarders’ junk, we can do it all. No job is too big or too small for us. You might need our trash removal services for attic or basement cleanup, storage unit cleanout, natural disaster cleanout, shed removal, . We can happily do it for you.

Concrete Disposal Pros In Kent

We are happy to take up the most challenging jobs so you do not have to do it yourself. You might have piles of debris in your newly renovated workplace or from the recent landscaping work that needs proper disposal. We can take up the task of concrete waste removal and can safely remove the debris from your property. During the construction phase, you might realize that the landscaping company is not responsible for discarding the debris. You might be looking for someone that can efficiently handle the job and remove the debris.

If you have serious reconstruction under way, a dumpster might be your best option to haul away the debris without causing damage to the property.

No matter what your Kent junk removal requirements, we can happily oblige. From mattresses to carpets, electronics to tires and car parts, we have all the knowledge and experience to do the job.

cement concrete debris in a pile in a construction zone

Affordable Junk Removal kent

When you want cost effective junk removal, we are happy to haul away the waste at an affordable price. We can help you reclaim areas of your property that had become an eyesore. We are a fully insured, bonded junk removal and moving company. If you plan to relocate or move or sell the property soon, you might find our trash removal services handy. Let us help you get rid of the clutter so it is easier to sell the property. A cluttered property does not look attractive and might slow down the offer process.

Safety is a priority for us. We make sure that every safety precaution is taken to ensure least damage and injury to anyone during the removal process.  You do not have to worry about keeping the garbage for another day. Our quick and efficient junk removal service is designed to help you clear the clutter fast.

How To Choose A Junk Removal Company

Before starting with your search for a trash removal company in Kent, you might look to get answers to some of the following questions:

  • What level of service do you provide?
  • Do you load the junk into the truck yourself?
  • Are we required to place the trash on the curb or you will gather it for us?
  • Are we responsible for separating recyclable items?
  • How do you charge? Is it by portion of junk or by weight?
  • Do you offer recycling?

Why Choose Us

We are happy to revert to your queries at the earliest, so you can make up your mind to work with us. Be sure to reveal the size of your bulky equipment and furniture so we can bring the right kind of tools and trucks to get the job done most efficiently.

Unfortunately not all junk removal companies provide recycling for unwanted trash. However, we have earned a reputation as a fully insured company in Kent that goes an extra mile to recycle junk for clients, eliminating the need to keep flooding landfills and cause major harm to the environment.

If junk is adversely affecting your life, then eliminating the trash is the best thing you can do. However, the job is best left to professionals rather than taking it up on your own. Don’t waste valuable time or money on junk. Let Action Junk Hauling be at your service.  We offer you a team of experienced crew for resolving your concerns about junk.

Call us now and let us know the type of junk you own. It is important to be comprehensive and detailed about the type of clutter, so we have a clear idea as to what sort of items require removal.

We will analyze your trash disposal needs and come up with a fair estimate for Kent junk removal so that you can heave a sigh of relief that the clutter is gone.

Are you licensed and insured in Kent?

Yes, we’re fully licensed and insured! We have insurance covering damages to people and property for every booking.

How do I get rid of an old refrigerator in Kent?

Action Junk Hauling can take away old refrigerators as part of our appliance removal services. Give us a call and we will take it away and dispose of it.

Where can I throw away furniture in my Kent ?

You can check with your local garbage company if you want to do it yourself. But if you want to save time and stress, let Action Junk Hauling do it.

Is Action Junk Hauling available on weekends in Kent?

Action Junk Hauling is available from 8 am-9 pm on Monday through Sunday. If you need to contact us outside of these hours, click here. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I get rid of large junk in Kent?

You can get rid of large, bulky junk items such as beds, mattresses, appliances, and furniture items by hiring a junk removal company such as Action Junk Hauling.

Can You Book an Appointment on the Weekend in Kent?

Our junk removal company is open 24×7. We always try our best to respond as quickly as possible.

Do you haul appliances in Kent?

Junk does haul appliances and many other items! To see a full list of everything Junk Boss can help you get rid of, visit our Junk Removal Services page.