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Fife Junk Removal

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Junk Removal starting at $130

If it’s true that you are in Fife, Washington, and need junk removal services, then our group at Action Junk Hauling is the solution to your quest for the best debris removal close to you. We will haul your garbage away and deal with all the hard work for you.

Green Junk Removal Service

Eco-friendly junk hauling. This means that we recycle and dispose of all materials in the most eco-friendly way possible. We recycle everything from appliances to furniture, and dispose of those items that we can’t recycle in the proper refuse location. Many people think that all things that are not recyclable just go to the dump, but that’s for the lazy junk removal companies to do.

Because we take pride in doing our part for the environment and disposing of junk responsibly, we separate out the junk and take items to designated disposal plants. Let us take styrofoam as an example. The closest place to Fife that recycles styrofoam is Styro Recycle, so we will drop off any styrofoam we have at their free drop off location in Kent, WA.

Nearest Dump to Fife, WA

The most helpful and nearest dump site close to Fife is the Algona Transfer Station (full transfer station list for the Seattle Area). Situated in Algona, WA, the depot is open all week long however the hours contrast marginally, contingent upon the day. There isn’t a reusing focus at the Algona Transfer Station. Recyclable materials should be taken somewhere else for legitimate removal, however we will deal with that for you! You won’t need to travel anyplace with your trash or reusing. We have you covered.

The experts at Action Junk Hauling Fife are right now serving the more noteworthy Fife, Washington territory. At Action Junk Hauling, we will likely make your garbage removal measure quick and agony free, while keeping costs at a price you will love.

Why You Should Choose Action Junk Hauling Fife

Our team makes it a highlight stand apart among the rest. We are committed to disposing of your garbage and dealing with the hard work for you. Garbage expulsion ought not be an extravagance that a couple of individuals can manage. We make it a highlight eliminate undesirable garbage as fast, productively, and modestly as could reasonably be expected.

Most Common Items for Junk Removal

  • PCs
  • Screens
  • Segments
  • Wires
  • Wood
  • Work areas
  • Seats
  • Yard Waste
  • Pressing Materials

There are limitations at your neighborhood dump on things that they won’t acknowledge. The accompanying things are denied at the Algona Transfer Station. We can at present take a portion of these things and dispose of them at an appropriate dump site for you. It would be ideal if you call us to make game plans for unique cases.

  • Denied Junk at Fife WA Dump Site
  • Recyclables
  • Vehicles and trailers longer than 30 feet
  • Coolers
  • Ovens
  • Bigger machines
  • Soluble batteries
  • Lights containing mercury
  • Vehicle liquids
  • Oil-based paint
  • Pesticides
  • Boats
  • Firecrackers
  • Weapon ammo
  • PCs
  • Workstations and screens
  • Fluids, similar to latex paint
  • Cars and engine vehicles
  • Items containing mercury, similar to thermometers
  • TVs
  • Lighter liquid or propane tanks
  • Focused on the Environment
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Our primary occupation is to eliminate undesirable garbage. We likewise consolidate our anxiety for the climate into our ordinary obligations. Our garbage expulsion administrations are earth agreeable. We pull a great deal of garbage so we attempt to limit our commitment to dump destinations by twofold checking the garbage prior to marking it as waste.


Prefer to Dump It Yourself?

If you have just a few small items and prefer to DIY, check out our helpful guide to your local dump. Find out which location you need to visit depending on the type of junk you have. We’ll also explain the rules, requirements, and dump fees you need you know before you visit.

Cleanout Services in Fife, WA

In addition to junk removal, we also provide residential and commercial cleanouts.

Residential Cleanouts

We will clean out your garage, attic, home, yard, storage units, and estates. People who want cleanout service are usually either moving into new homes, doing spring cleaning, or cleaning the estate of a friend or family member.

Commercial Cleanouts

For businesses/companies we will clean out your offices – new and old, job sites for construction companies, your property, apartments and apartment complexes, storage units, and more. Companies that want cleanout service are usually either moving into new offices, renovating, rebranding, too short on manpower to clean the job site, or moving into a property that needs lots of junk hauled away – like an old warehouse.

For construction sites we pick up everything from brick and concrete to construction materials. For companies cleaning out offices, we dispose of everything from offices supplies and chairs to computers and desks.