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Mercer Island Junk Removal

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Full-Service Junk Removal in Mercer Island, WA

Do you have unwanted appliances, mattresses, furniture, or household items at home? Get in touch with Action Junk Hauling Mercer Island, trusted full-service specialist in rubbish and junk removal in Mercer Island. We care for you, your community, and environment while enabling the most hassle-free and the easiest way to de-clutter your home, office, yard, shop, and warehouses.

Action Junk Hauling offers the most reliable and professional services for junk removal in Mercer Island. We haul away all types of rubbish, do property clean up, remove construction debris, and offer expert services for residence, office, and commercial junk hauling. Our services also cover yard waste and estate cleanouts, single item pickup, and dumpster rental.

We not only remove residential and business trash but also empower your community ambiance by keeping it clean and free from rubbish. By adhering to strict disposal norms and an eco-sensitive approach, our men clean out your home without putting any burden on the environment. Action Junk Hauling avoids dumping all on landfills by following a policy of salvage, recycle, and donation, and thus contributes to sustainable junk removal and management in Mercer Island.

Cheap Junk Removal in Mercer Island, WA

With a focus on keeping your community clean and enabling the best possible convenience, we provide affordable trash, debris, and rubbish removal services. Action Junk Hauling Mercer Island believes in making the process both effortless and economical so that everyone finds it stress-free.

We have been removing commercial and residential rubbish in communities across Mercer Island. Low rates and friendly services have won accolades for our professionals, who put customer satisfaction above and beyond everything. Our focus on providing cheap community-level cleanouts makes us different from big, national junk removal companies. We are not motivated by an urge to create a giant business, but by our commitment to improve the local community. Being a local junk hauling service provider, we understand and care for your community in a better way.

You may opt for our full service or any of our rubbish removal service in Mercer Island. It is up to your discretion and we facilitate you to know what works best for you and your budget. Action Junk Hauling doesn’t hand over customers bills after job completion. Our executive visits your property and gives you an upfront price quote following an assessment. The cost includes a detailed breakdown. You are also explained about alternative options and the most suitable for you. Thus, we help you find a tailor-made, cost-effective solution for your Mercer Island junk removal and trash hauling requirement.


Prefer to Dump It Yourself?

If you have just a few small items and prefer to DIY, check out our helpful guide to your local dump. Find out which location you need to visit depending on the type of junk you have. We’ll also explain the rules, requirements, and dump fees you need you know before you visit.

Junk Removal in Mercer Island, WA: What We Do

Residential Cleanout

Action Junk Hauling has expertise in the residential cleanout. Our trash removal professionals can help you clear and dispose of any unwanted household items. The residential cleanout and hauling services include:

Commercial Cleanout

We have proficiency in junk removal and trash hauling from offices, shops, hospitals, warehouses, superstores, and commercial complexes. With trained men, Action Junk Hauling ensures quick and reliable services without any disturbance to your operations.  We have expertise and experience in commercial junk removal in Mercer Island, including:

  • Off-schedule, fast office waste disposal
  • Removal of desks, chairs, packaging materials, partitions, papers, construction debris
  • Clearing of electronic waste, including computers, TVs, monitors
  • Office relocation and cleanup
  • Thrash and garbage hauling and rubbish disposal

Construction/Renovation Cleanout

We have ample resources to help you clear your property of debris generated by construction and renovation. Our construction cleanout services include:

  • Concrete debris removal
  • Hauling away tiles, logs, roofing materials
  • Wooden, metal, drywall trash cleanout
  • Safe disposal of metal junk
  • Rubbish removal and property clean up

Estate Cleanout

It is tedious and stressful to do the estate cleanout on your own, especially when you need time to recover from a traumatic event in life. Let us make it easy for you. We can clear years of accumulated junk, trash, and rubbish and haul them away for safe disposal. Consider additional cleanup services by us if you want to sell it or give your property on rent.

Our junk removal and trash hauling team pays special attention to apprise you of any potential document, memento, or item of importance found during the estate cleanout.

Foreclosures Cleanout and Junk Hauling

We understand the importance of a quick foreclosure cleanout so that you can put it on the inventory or list for sale. Be it an abandoned property or one left unoccupied a few weeks ago, our experts clear the thrash, scrap, rugs, and household item left efficiently.

Yard Cleanout

Action Junk Hauling also does yard cleanout. Our services include:

  • Building lot cleanup
  • Yard waste, garbage, and trash disposal
  • Removal of brush, branches, and debris
  • Clearing of tree limbs
  • Hauling of old fencing, shed

Appliances, Electronic Waste Removal

As a responsible service for junk removal in Mercer Island, we pay special attention to residential and commercial electronic trash removal. Whether it is a single appliance pickup or a truckload of electronic waste, Action Junk Hauling can assure you their quick and safe removal and disposal. Our experts are fully trained to handle the task in the most eco-friendly manner. The electronic waste goes for salvage and recycling than being dumped at landfills.

Warehouse, Storage Cleanout

Action Junk Hauling has experience in doing storage cleanout for:

  • Warehouses
  • Storage units of any size
  • Defaulted storage rentals
  • Non-auctioned rubbish clearing

Dumpster Rental and Moving Services

We have dumpsters available on rent basis if you need them to clear debris on your property and dispose them on your own. If you are not able to the demanding physical job of cleanouts, our experts are there to help at an affordable cost.

Action Junk Hauling also offers household and commercial moving services, including relocation, transportation of trash, hauling away of construction waste, and clearing rubbish from your community.

Other Junk Removal and Hauling Services

  • Demolition debris, sheetrock hauling
  • Ripping up and removing carpets
  • Lumbar clearing
  • Partition, boxes, cardboard removal and hauling
  • Junk car removal
  • Cleaning up

Junk Removal in Mercer Island, WA: The Twin Pillars

Community and customer are the primary focus for us. Action Junk Hauling is dedicated to make sure that the local community on Mercer Island stays clean, green, and free from the trash. To make this dream come true, we offer a full suite of household, commercial, business, construction, and other junk removal services.

Whether you have it at home, in your yard, garage, plot, or office, we can help you clear and dispose of it away safely in accordance with community norms and environmental guidelines. Action Junk Hauling specializes in rubbish disposal in a way that it won’t cause disturbance to your daily life, your neighbors, or the community in which you live.

Our manpower is adequately trained to save customers from any potential inconvenience. We strictly follow our stated objective of utmost customer satisfaction while doing trash and junk removal. The pricing is fully transparent with a detailed breakdown of everything charged. Action Junk Hauling even offers tailor-made packages based on customer requirements. Affordability is a key area of focus in our scheme of trash clearing.

Junk Removal in Mercer Island, WA: Go Green, Stay Green

We not only remove trash, junk, debris, or rubbish from a property but also follow an eco-sensitive approach. From transport to disposal, every possible care is taken to ensure no harm to the environment.

Our makes sure the electronic and non-biodegradable waste is not mixed with biodegradable or other trash heading to the dumping ground. It keeps them separately and explores the possibility of recycling, salvage, and even donating to minimize the risks associated with the disposal. We have all the necessary clearance and training for our staff for strict adherence to environmental norms.

Junk Removal in Mercer Island, WA: Stress-free Process

Action Junk Hauling offers an easier, three-stage process for trash removal. Just give us a call to start the process.

  • Appointment: As soon as we receive your call, a representative reaches out to you and fix an appointment to visit your house, shop, office, or property.
  • Estimate: The next stage is the assessment of the junk. We visit on the given address and take stock of the rubbish to be removed. You are handed over an estimate and the best possible option.
  • Hauling: If you agree to hire our rubbish removal service in Mercer Island, the load-up team arrives. It loads the trash into the dumpster and hauls away the junk.
  • Feedback: A representative reaches out to you to inquire about your experience and feedback.

Why Action Junk Hauling

  • Driven by community focus
  • Fast and convenient junk removal services
  • A full suite of thrash removal services
  • Transparent pricing, focused customer support
  • Detailed, upfront price estimate
  • De-cluttering specialist
  • Environment-friendly approach
  • Low cost and affordable de-cluttering
  • Multiple budget options
  • Next day pickup and advance scheduling

Get in touch with Action Junk Hauling to know how we can help you eliminate trash from your home or office and keep your surrounding clean. Dial (206) 800-7198 to find out our comprehensive junk removal services in Mercer Island.