How to Dispose of Batteries in Seattle

Whether it’s a car battery, phone battery, AA battery, or even a UPS battery, they all have a certain life, after which they’ll no longer be usable and will need to be replaced. Many people don’t realize that batteries can be recycled, and that throwing them in the trash actually has a severe effect on the environment.

So let’s go over how to recycle batteries in Seattle, and then we’ll also take a look at the need for battery recycling in Seattle – why is it so important?


Which Batteries Can Be Recycled?

Most, if not all types. This includes rechargeable batteries, alkaline batteries, button batteries, and other household batteries. You just need to find the right place – which we’ll cover next.

How to Recycle Batteries in Seattle?

3R Technology and, if you’re willing to drive a little far, All Battery Sales and Service, are companies that recycle practically all types of batteries – the ones accepted in hazardous waste facilities, and most others. So if you have button batteries or UPS batteries (which, we’re happy to say, are recycled about 90% of the time) you can take them to either of these locations.

If you have one particular type of battery that you need to drop off, you’ll find a lot more options available. The King County website provides a list of places where you can take batteries for recycling. And there’s us, of course! We take all types of batteries.

How to Dispose of Batteries in Seattle?

The North and South Seattle hazardous waste sites accept alkaline batteries, car batteries and household batteries (including rechargeable ones), so you can drop them off anytime. Batteries cannot be thrown in the garbage. Please take them separately to a hazardous waste facility. 

Where To Dispose Of Batteries In Seattle

  • The North Seattle Hazardous Waste Site:
    12550 Stone Ave N.
    Seattle, WA 98133
  • The South Seattle Hazardous Waste Site:
    8105 Fifth Ave S.
    Seattle, WA 98108

It’s free to drop off batteries at both locations. Both are open from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM, but the North facility’s open Sunday through Tuesday, and the South facility is open Thursday-Saturday.

Why Should You Recycle Batteries?

Battery Recycling vs Battery Disposal Seattle

Proper battery disposal in Seattle is important. When left in a dump, can lead to severe fires that burn undetected for years, releasing toxic chemicals into the air. Breathing in this polluted air could lead to severe health problems.

Additionally, chemicals leaching out from batteries and other hazardous waste can cause contamination and pollution, causing harm to animals, livestock, and ultimately humans. They can reach the underground water supply and enter our homes, or they can affect the soil nearby, and therefore the food that’s grown in the area.

How to Reduce Battery Waste?

The 3 Rs – reduce, reuse, recycle – should be followed in that order. If you reduce your consumption, you’ll help the environment the most. If you reuse items, you’ll help it a little less. Compared to these two, recycling is the least green option.

You can reduce battery waste by using rechargeable batteries, and by buying higher-quality batteries that last longer. Phone, computer, and camera batteries are examples of rechargeable batteries, but you can find AA and AAA batteries in rechargeable form as well. Make sure you get something high-quality, with a warranty.

If you have some batteries lying around that you have no use for, you can donate or sell them to reduce some waste. Someone will get some use out of them.

Easy Battery Recycling Seattle

If your car battery is dead and you aren’t able to take it for recycling, you can contact Action Junk Hauling for an affordable and easy solution. We offer battery collection services in the Seattle area. We’re an environmentally-friendly company with customer-focused services, which means we’ll never throw away something that’ll harm the environment, and we’ll do the pickup at a time that works for you.

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