3M Post-it Notes Adhesive

The adhesive used on most Post-It brand products would have chemistries that would be certain to meet testing standards for recyclability.

A technical statement on Post-It Note Pads that states that 3M’s extensive testing with paper recyclers met their standards for recyclability.

Paper Recycling Plants Use De-inking

The reason is the use of de-inking processes that actually remove the dyes, inks, and the “Post-It adhesive on the padded products.

3M Is A Zero Waste Facility

The major 3M facility producing Post-It Note pads is a zero waste facility and has been for many years so they do sell there own trim to paper recyclers.

This does not mean 100% of Post-It brand products have been tested but does apply to the Post-It brand “Note Pads” you inquired about according to 3M technical information.

The answer to your question is “YES”!

Post sourced from a Quora answer given by retired 3M employee Frank Stifel. Original Quora Answer


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